Facts & Features

Distinguishing features of BMCC

The college is privileged in several ways.

The Location:

The College is situated in the educational epicentre of the city of Pune. It forms a part of the locality where, within a circle of two kilometer radius, one finds over a score of nationally known educational institutions. The result is a great synergy among the institutions, facilitating meaningful interaction for mutual benefit.

The Natural backdrop:

The College is situated at the foot of the historic, green-topped ' Fergusson Hill ', giving it a scenic backdrop and a quiet ambience conducive to academic pursuits. The verdant, spacious landscape extending over several acres makes it an idyllic place for educational activities.

The Infrastructure:

The college has excellent infra-structural facilities in terms of class-rooms, two major assembly halls, two-storeyed building for well-stocked library, staff quarters, a full-fledged sports ground, students' hostel and common rooms for boys and girls.

The Tradition:

The College has inherited the exemplary traditions set by the Deccan Education Society . It believes in retaining and nurturing all that is good and of lasting value in our rich tradition and culture. The College is open to new ideas, and more effective ways of doing things. The college has thus succeeded in providing its students with a vibrant, cultured and invigorating atmosphere for their all-round growth.

The Faculty:

The College has a long tradition of attracting highly qualified persons on its faculty. A substantial number of teachers have research qualifications, authored text books and reference books, and have published research and review articles in periodicals and journals. There is a conscious effort on the part of the teachers to continuously improve their qualifications and competence by participating in seminars, workshops, refresher courses and by undertaking research projects sponsored by the UGC and other bodies.

The Academics:

The College has maintained high academic standards and impeccable credentials at all levels, From the Junior College to Post-Graduation and Research. The College figures prominently in the list of high achievers. The overall result and the number of rank holders is at a high level, and this has been consistently maintained for the last several decades.

The Extra-academic activities:

The College provides ample opportunities and support to students who are good at sports, music, dramatics, elocution & debating , N.C.C., social service etc. The College has produced a very large number of students who have excelled in these fields at the national and international level.

Education in BMCC- A Total Experience:

The College endeavors to bring the best out of every student who joins it. We realize that student's critical years are from 15 to 25, years that have a profound effect on the rest of his / her life, and make him / her a responsible, productive citizen of this country. The College seeks to achieve this aim by making a student's stay in the College as total and comprehensive as possible by helping in realizing his / her potential fully. The College can modestly claim to have achieved this aim to a very significant extent, and would like to build up on this experience and expertise to render further service to our motherland. We aspire to progress with zeal and ambition.