Course Eligibility Admission Pattern Procedure In take capacity Last year Cut off Course Timing
F.Y.J.C. X th Centralised Laid down by the Deputy Director of Education 600 94% 12pm- 5pm
S.Y.J.C. XI th from BMCC College Level -
- 12pm–5pm

Admissions are not granted against donations

Parents & Guardians are requested to read carefully notifications issued by the Deputy Director of Education, Pune. (which appear in newspapers ) and act in time in order to ensure admissions. ( Please also refer to General Instructions)

As college has become autonomous this admission is valid for two years XI & XII.

Even BMCC student has to apply for F.Y. B. Com and admissions are done on merit basis.

Course Content

Course Subject Marks
F.Y.J.C. & S.Y.J.C. English ( Compulsory ) 100

Language :- Marathi / Hindi / French or, Information Technology / German 100

Book-Keeping and Accountancy 100

Economics 100

Organization of Commerce 100

Secretarial Practice / Mathematics & Statistics 100

Environmental Science 100


The examination pattern is as follows:

  • Year Work:100 Marks (Unit Test No. 1 ,Unit Test No. 2,Tutorials)
  • Terminal Examination:100 marks (Language & Mathematics Theory 80+20 Practicals/Oral)
  • Annual Examination:100 marks (Language & Mathematics Theory 80+20 Practicals/Oral)

The result for each subject is finalised as under :

Percentage= [(a)+(b)+(c)]/3 *100 . To pass in a subject a student must earn minimum 105 marks out of 300. For promoting a student to the Second Year of Junior College i.e. to Std. XII, he/she must get a minimum average of 35% in each subject.


The decision of promoting a student of First Year Junior College (i. e. Std. XI) to Second Year Junior College (Std. XII) is based on the marks obtained by a student in the various examinations conducted by the college during the academic year. These examinations are conducted and the result is finalized by following the government rules strictly.

The Examination Pattern: As Per MH-HSC Board

A Few Highlights:

  • From the Academic year 2002 - 2003, we intend to introduce 'Information Technology' as an optional subject to Languages. We have a well equipped computer laboratory for this purpose.
  • For F.Y.J.C. students an Orientation Programme is organised after the completion of admissions in which students are introduced to the opportunities and facilities which the college offers for their all round development in the form of sports, cultural activities, Study Circle, Library and various Associations. The students are guided and encouraged to participate in these activities.
  • A Lecture series is arranged every year by experienced and reputed speakers in the field of Commerce and Business which provides information and guidance in the choice of career and other useful topics.
  • For S.Y.J.C. (Std. XII) students, we have a Merit Batch in which about 25 students are admitted on the basis of merit and are given intensive personalised coaching for the H.S.C. Board Examination.
  • We also have a Scheme of Test Series in which any student can participate on voluntary basis. Four tests are held in the year on the lines of H.S.C. Board Examination which provide ample guidance and practice in the technique of writing examination papers.