1. The P.N.G. Language Lab, B.M.C.C offers the following courses:

     1) Preparatory Courses for Business English Certificate

     Examination --Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Level

    2)  Preparatory Course for IELTS

    3)  Improve Your English: A Course in Basic English

    4)  Certificate Courses in Spanish,German, French, to be followed by Business specific courses in these languages

    5)  Short Term Courses: Better EnglishPronunciation, Tenses in English, Write Better, etc.

    Why are these add-on courses essential?

    These value addition courses

    a)   Enhance your career prospects

    b)  Use internationally accredited material

    c)    Have a communicative and student friendly teaching methodology

    d)  Suit your schedule

    e)  Course finally you get an attendance certificate issued by the  Deccan Education Society 

    For further details, please contact:

    Coordinator, P.N.G. Language Lab, BMTRC, Opp. The A.V. Hall

    Monday  and Tuesday:10.30 to  12.30

    Wednesday to Saturday: 8.30 to 12.30