Mission And Vision


The emblem of Deccan Education Society is depicted here. The Eagle with uplifted wings symbolizes high aspirations ; the knot at its feet stands for unity.


The "Shree" verhead represents material prosperity and the crescent moon is a symbol of international contact through foreign commerce. The "Shree"and the crescent are special features symbolizing the characteristics of this college.

It is an adaptation for this institution of the basic emblem of the D. E. Society.

Mission Statement of BMCC

" To make a citizen of India as fully endowed

  • Materially
  • Intellectually and
  • Morally

as the citizens of the most advanced country of the world is our collective aim. All activities connected with the College will be consciously correlated to this declared objective of the society."

( From the speech of Prin. D.G. Karve, First Principal of BMCC, June 1943 )