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Troika 11 -10th, 11th and 12th January

A total of  10 sub events were held,namely, Colloquia, which was a traditional group discussion.

Mega-M, : Creative management games to test the managerial skills

Just in Time: An extempore event, showcasing the spontaneity ofstudents.

What’s Next?:  A Case Study basedForecasting Event.

Inquisition,: The general and IT quiz.

Mock Stock: BSE terminal is provided and tested their skills at sharedealing.

‘C’ Logica : The event based on C Programming and the creativity of the saidprogram.

Madzapp: Traditional Mad Ads event had an element of radio advertisement spots as well.

Treasurevoir – The Golden Expedition, treasure hunt with the  whole campus as its path.

There were 250 participants from 17 colleges from in and around Pune, MITSOM being the

 College Champion as well as Manohar Chug(from MITSOM) being the star of TROIKA.

The Guest of Honor at the valedictory session was Mr. Vinod Shastri, faculty at SIMB and

partner at Yolkshire, the first egg speciality restaurant in Pune.

Troika 12 - 17th, 18th and19th of Jan. 

TROIKA 2012 – Déjà vu of theApocalypse, for each of our 12 sub-events the designing team would recreate theera that best defined it and redefined the world as we know it. Soon the BMTRC was layered in PoP and acrylic color, with a regulars now fall of thermacol and thunderous bangs of nails being hammered into wood. We were building the Ronam Senate (Senate of Symposium – GD)and the Great Wall of China (en ‘C’ode – ‘C’programming)

 Meanwhile, teams for the 12 sub-event too wereSMSedand charging. With teams ranging in size from 30 people (Tresurevoir: Tintin on the Run) to 3 (The Polymath-Quiz), days began at 9 in the morning and came to a close when 6 p.m.approached. Along the way there was New Year’s eve too which we spent with‘Wacky Vigyapans’ (Mad Ads), at “The Eleventh Hour”(What Next).

TROIKA 2013 - 15th,16th,and 17thof January.

This year, Pune’s  Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce hostedits third edition of the annual inter – college festival – Troika. Troika manages to surpass itself every year by becoming bigger and better. It brings together all the departments of the college. All the students work in unison tobring forward an immensely intellectual, yet enthralling event

Troika, a three-day event, tookplace on the It saw the participation  ofover 560 students across  23 colleges from Pune.

Therewere 13 competitions

1.Quizzon  - The Quiz
2.Kingpin – Mock Stock ,
3.FuntacticsFore – Management Games
4.Star C – ‘C’ Programming 
5.Literathon– The literary event
6.eXaMen – The Group Discussion
7.The Selling Joke  - Mad Ads
8.The Treasure Raid – TresuareHunt
9.ArTee  Time – Face and T- shirt Painting
10.Picture Parker – Photography
11.Screen LAN turns – LAN Gaming
12.JogaBonito – Five –a-side Football ,
13.Versus  - Moot Court

 The theme for the festival was based on super heroes and super –villains. Some would say that the orgnisers were feeding off on their childhood fantasies.

TROIKA 2014- 20th , 21st and 22nd of January

BrihanMaharashtra College of Commerce’s annual inter-collegiate event TROIKA washosted on  his year.  TROIKA turned 4 this year therefore it wasknown as TROIKA Season 4 to suit its theme, ‘the one with the TV Shows’ .TROIKA Season 4 had many promising attractions and to everyone’s pleasure, eachone of it stood up to the expectations. TROIKA Season 4 continued the traditionof being one of the most varied event covering avenues from Commerce, IT andManagement to Art and Law. The events in TROIKA 2014 were as follows:

Whowants to be a millionaire  - The Quiz
The Street – Mock Stock
The Apprentice – Apprentice
Sherlock- ‘C’ Programming
Whose line is it anyway?- Literathon
Modern Family – Group discussion
Mad Men – Mad Ads
How I met your mother – TreasureHunt

TROIKA 2015 -12th, 13th and 14th of January
Thefifth edition of BrihanMaharashtra college of commerce’s annual inter college fest turned out to be amajor hit within the participants and catered to wide range of audience as itwidened its avenues this year in order to cater to a Pune’s best colleges andstudents. Troika 2015 enjoyed a major appeal regarding its theme which was‘Cartoon network classic’. The theme resulted in both, a vibrant designingoutcome as well as a nostalgic trip for the audience

Mad Ads
Group Discussion
Mock stock
Bollywood quiz
Arm wrestling
Gaming-CS, FIFA and DOTA
Dance – Solo and Group
Art- Face and T-shirt painting
Dumb charades

Troika 2016- 11,12,13th January

The sixth edition of Troika, BMCC’s annual inter-collegiate fest saw an unprecedented participation of 2100 individuals and an overall footfall of 5000people. The fest saw participants from over 80 colleges across Pune and Mumbai.Troika 2016 was centered around the theme Road Trip and  was organized by a team of 200 students.

Troika2016 was awarded ‘The Best Managed Event of 2016’ by National Institute of Event Management. The event associated with 32 brands of various industries.Keeping up with the tradition, Troika 2016 supported a social cause and invited50 kids from Bookwallah.

 To conform to the theme, the event hosted adisplay of Superbikes.

  1. ·Quiz
  2. ·GroupDiscussion
  3. ·Debate
  4. ·MockStock
  5. ·Apprentice
  6. ·CreativeWriting
  7. ·TreasureHunt
  8.  Football
  9. ·Entertainment Block
  10. ·Dance
  11. ·Gaming
  12. ·Photography
  13. ·Art
  14. ·Mad Ads

The Seventh edition of Troika, BMCC’s annual inter-collegiate fest saw an unprecedented participation of 2800 individuals. Troika 2017 was centered around the theme Carnival and  was organized by a team of 200 students

Theevent associated with 32 brands of various industries. Keeping up with thetradition, Troika 2017 supported a social cause and invited 50 kids from Bookwallah.

 To conform to the theme, the event hosted adisplay of Superbikes

This edition of Troika, BMCC’s annual inter-collegiate fest saw anunprecedented participation of 3000 individuals. Troika 2018 was centeredaround the theme Illusion and  wasorganized by a team of 200 students. Theevent associated with 32 brands of various industries.