Name of the Module -Baking and Cooking 

Sector-Food Processing

Duration-60 hrs(2 hours per day)


Terminal Competency-After completion of this training students would be able to make quality bakery and food products.

Practical training of Baking -

Baking 20 products will be taught to students

cakes-Sponge cake,cup cake with icing,black forest cake,pineapple pastry,chocolate ganash,Malai cake,Decoration of cakes.

Pav,Bread,soup sticks,baked Karanji,stuffed buns,pattice ,

Khari,Biscuits,Nan Khatai,Shrubbery biscuits,Atta Biscuits,Karachi Biscuits,brownies,Red Velvet ,

Practical Training oCooking-

Punjabi gravy ,paratha,samosa,kachori,south Indian snacks,spring rolls,francky rolls,fried noodles,soups,sandwiches

Theory-Importance of bakery industry and its market value,safety and precautions to be taken,raw material requirement,quality assurance as per BIS,Machinery requirement of bakery industry,food safety.


Downloads :
Life Skill Programme in Pachgani (.pdf).