May 01 2017

Mr. Naikwadi

Deccan Education Society’s  





1.     Log on to

2.     Using id and password, open your GEMS profile

3.     Click on tab ‘Admissionfor next year’

4.     Admission form for Std. XII will be displayed.

5.  Verify all the entries in the form. It is compulsoryto fill the mandatory fields in the profile page. To go to profile page clickon your name mentioned on the right hand top corner of the page. Please note yourAdhaar Card number is mandatory.

6.     Once entire profile is filled print your AdmissionForm and Undertaking.

7.     After printing of the Admission Form and Undertakinggo to ‘Online Payment’ Tab

8.     Click on tab ‘OnlinePayment’ then again click on “Proceed to Online Payment”

9.     The window for Pay U money will be opened showingfollowing three options

·       Credit card

·       Debit card

·       Net banking

10.                       Bank Charges are applicable on the above transactions.Please check the charges applicable before making the payment.

11. If you choose ‘Net banking’

12. Afterselecting net banking option, the names of various banks will be displayed.Select your bank. The page will take you to the website of your selected bank.

13. Your selected Bank will ask for your login id and password for youraccount.

Once you are loggedin, the total amount of fees to be paid will be displayed. Click on tab ‘pay/ confirm’. ( conti…on next page)


14.You willobserve a message, ‘Your transaction issuccessful ‘along with a receipt by PU Money. Download the PU MoneyReceipt OR take Print Out.

15.If you choose ‘Debit Card Or Credit Card ‘than please ensure the cardsissued by your bank are allowed for Online Payments.

16.Enter your card details as request by the PU.

17.For the cardpayments “OTP” (One Time Password) is generated and the same is sent by thebank to the registered email and mobile number with them. OTP is must tocomplete the online payments. Hence ensure while making the online fee paymentthrough your Debit or Credit the above is taken care of.

18.Once thepayment is done, the PU will give the message ‘Your transaction is successful ‘along with a receipt by PU Money.Download the PU Money Receipt OR take Print Out.

19Aftercompleting any of the above Online Fee Payment procedure, college fee receiptwill be generated in 3/4 working days through your GEMS log in. Take a printout of that.


Link will be opened from Tuesday, 13.06.2017 after 02.00 pm to Saturday,01.07.2017 till midnight.


Students have tosubmit hard copy of the admission form after reopening of college in the monthof June. During submission, following things are required –

1.     Admission form duly signed

2.     Undertaking duly signed

3.     Annexure I & II duly signed

4.     College fee receipt

5.     Self-attested  Xeroxcopy of Std. XI mark sheet



Date– 12 /06/2017                                  VICE  PRINCIPAL