12 08 2017

Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.'
Albert Einstein. 

On the 19th of August, it was this very definition of 'reality' we hoped to alter, understand, amplify and even challenge, and, thus  our theme came into being- 'Escaping Reality'.  Our event, TEDxBMCC, was the first TEDx not only in our college, but in the Deccan Education Society. 
The day began with light rain, a lot of work, and a contagious amount of excitement in the campus. With final preparations all done, we were set and ready to go at 9 am. The commencement ceremony saw our dignitaries and guests of honor take the dais for the felicitation of our speakers and performers, followed by our Principal's address. 
Our hundred curated attendees was a mix of college students, teachers, dignitaries,  working profesionals and more, so it was our aim to ensure all talks maintained a common structure of abstraction and authenticity. 
Three of our talks included- 'The economics and evolution of AI'(Mr Saumitra Joshi), 'Sinking into the Subconscious'(Dr Bhooshan Shukla), 'Designing a borderless world'(Adv Sudhir Reddy). These were all factually loaded, yet completely jargon free.   
Other talks were flamboyant and free flowing, such as 'In a land far, far away'(Ms Radhika Inhale), Social Ransom(Mr Yogiraj Khanwelkar) and 'Struggle' is a relative term( Mr Nipun Dharmadhikari). 
The fillers included a dance, a comedy act and music. 
The tea and lunch break allowed the attendees and guests to interact with the speakers, and with one another.
The show was designed such that the three sessions covered all bases of TED- which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. 
As it all ended, we, Team TEDxBMCC, bid a teary goodbye to the event and to each other. We are overwhelmed with the love and support from our administration, and also from the feedback we've received. 
So, a big thank you to all. 
Until next time,