Feb 09 2018

Pratima Agnihotri

Learning Spanish at B.M.C.C., Pune.


A.   Students(10th onwards, Preference – D.E.S. schools)

B.    Duration:  100 hrs per level

C.   Timing: 5 days a week, 11am to 1pm

D.   Batchstrength: 30 students perbatch

E.    Contentcovered:

1.     BasicSpanish – Level 1

2.     BusinessSpanish – Level 2

3.     Separateshort term Bridge Course for those interested in appearing for the DELE A1

4.     Additionalcontents during all the courses – 3 songs, Movies in Spanish like Jungle Book


F.    Feesstructure:

CourseFee: Rs. 6000/-  

NOexam fee

NORegistration fee

Materialcharges (text book, etc): Rs.450/-

Thoseinterested in the DELE A1 course, fees will be separately charged.


G.   RegistrationDates: Monday, 9thApril to Saturday, 14th April, 2018


H.   CourseDates:

Monday,16th April, 2018 to 15th June, 2018

       Please note:

Certificateswill be provided by the B.M.C.C.

Nofree demo session for any course.

Feedbacksheets course finally

Onesession for parents and students about the opportunities available withlearning Spanish

Holidays,if any, will be compensated.