June 18 2019

Consolidated Overall List of FYBBA, FYBBAIB & FYBBACA 2019-20
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Deccan Education Society’s

Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune 04


F.Y.BBA / F.Y BBA IB/ F.Y BBA CA 2019-2020

Date: 18.06.2019

Consolidated (Overall) List of all applications for verification

This is a consolidated list of all applicants who have appeared for the Entrance Test held in June 2019 

All the students are requested to submit their Admission Applications considering the Social Reservation applicable as per the directions of UGC/Maharashtra government /S.P.P University

Students are advised to note that Open Category is available to all the students irrespective of their caste.

Once students opted any option it will be considered as final & there after no change will be entertained after the date of Merit List.

Students are advised to verify their details related to Name, Cast, Gender. If there is any of change, please communicate through email bmcc.cet@gmail.com to the College office before 20th June 2019 before 1 pm.

The First Merit list & Admission schedule will be displayed on the College Website and on the college Notice Board on 21 June 2019, after 8.pm.

Note: In case,false information is submitted, the admission of the candidate as well as his Parent/Guardian will be responsible for all the consequences concerned with it.

For EWS and SEBC Category Reservation Please refer to Maharashtra Government …

शासन निर्णय क्रमांक : राआधो – ४०१९/प्र. क्र. ३१/१६-अ

शासन शुद्धीपत्रक क्रमांक : बीसीसी२०१९/प्र.क्र.११८ ए/२०१९/१६-ब

Any Reservation Candidates belonging to Cast/Category should have necessary certificate at the time of admission

Downloads :
BBA Overall List (.pdf).
BBAIB Overall List (.pdf).
BBACA Overall List (.pdf).