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Whatever you learn in college, whether studies or skills is always in future. I could make my career because of the opportunities I got in my college days
Mohan Joshi, Actor
Kinetic Engg
I carry excellent memories of my 5 years at the college. It was with a lot of encouragement from the professors that I was able to excel. I was able to stand first in my HSC and second in the university when I graduated and I remember my days at college to be once when there was lot of warmth, support, encouragement and they were very special days for me.
Sulajja Motwani, Joint MD
Joint MD, Kinetic Engg.
KPIT- Cummins
You cannot be in BMCC and not look at yourself as an entrepreneur. I think that the amount of enterprise that one could show within the college actually sow the seeds of entrepreneurship within you and it teaches you that many people have done it and so can you?
Ravi Pandit, CEO, KPIT
CEO, KPIT- Cummins.
They are the teachers who taught us, who have given us certain directions in our personal life and we have seen one of the best teachers in our life with tremendous integrity, honesty and commitment to their education and students.
Sharad Pawar, National leader
National leader
Showing testimonials from 1 to 4 of 4