Vanijya Vichar : Based on surveys conducted by Business Practices Department.
      Artha Vichar :
      Magazine published by dept. of Economics, Banking and Finance.
        Think Track :
      Students express their thoughts through Think Track.
        Artha Vyavahar : College Annual Magazine.


          Autonomy & Higher Education : Diamond jublee publication.
            Who is Who : Information about alumni of BMCC.
              Revamping Commerce education : Seminar in Honour of Dr. P.C Shejwalkar.
                Seminar : Seminar on globalization of education.
                  Annals of D.E. Society : History of 60 years of BMCC.
                  The History Of Urawade Village : Village adopted by BMCC.

                          Names of the books:
                  Autonomy & Higher Education
                  Revamping Dr.P.C Shejwalkar sir
                    The History Of Urawade Village   Annals of D.E. Society
                    Sovenier   Who ┬ís Who