Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (Autonomous)


Code of conduct for students:

  • The code of conduct is laid down in order to ensure smooth and effective functioning of the college.
  • We assume strict compliance of the rules and cooperation of students and their parents in the maintenance of conducive atmosphere in the interest of all.


  1. Students should be punctual and regular in attending the classes, tutorials, submission of assignments, class tests, presentations etc. Every student has to follow the deadlines given by the teachers for internal assessment. Minimum 75 % attendance is compulsory.
  2. Students, both boys and girls, should come to the college decently and appropriately dressed.
  3. Use of mobile phone in the classroom is strictly prohibited unless instructed by the teacher for any academic purpose.
  4. Students should carefully read all the circulars put up on the notice board, ERP system as well as on the college website from time to time
  5. Students should wear their identity cards and display visibly at the gate while entering the campus and always keep it wearing till they are on the campus.
  6. Student shall not involve themselves in any kind of ragging and any other offensive activity on and off the campus.
  7. Students are warned that smoking, chewing and spitting tobacco products or pan masala, consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs invite punishable action. It is strictly forbidden on the campus.
  8. Rash driving in the campus is not allowed. Limited parking space is available for two-wheelers only. Parking in the campus is privilege and not right of a student.
  9. Every student is expected to maintain cleanliness in the classrooms, library, common rooms, hostel and throughout the campus.
  10. Students should behave with all the teaching, non-teaching staff, security, housekeeping staff and the fellow students with courtesy and should not create any harm to the reputation of the college.
  11. Loitering on the verandas or corridor, staircase and other passage of the college during class hours is prohibited.
  12. Students should not organize any meeting, programme, procession and/or collect money for any purpose without prior permission of the Principal.
  13. Students are not allowed to paste any posters in the campus and on the compound wall of the college without prior permission of the Principal.
  14. Every student should handle the college property with care. Damage of the furniture or any other material will lead to penalty.
  15. Indulging in ragging, anti-institutional, anti-social, anti-national, communal, immoral, political expressions and activities within the campus are strictly prohibited as well as punishable.
  16. Students should not post anything on social media on behalf of/in the name of the college and any content that harms the reputation of the college. Strict action will be taken against such students which may lead to rustication from the college.
  17. There is ‘Silent Zone’ in front of Principal’s Office. Students should not sit there without any official reason and they should maintain silence.