M.Com. Part I Graduate in Commerce After T.Y.B.Com. Result Entrance Examination 120 7.30 � 11.20 a.m
M.Com. Part II M.Com. Part I Passed from BMCC After M.Com. Part I Result - 120 7.30 � 11.20 a.m

M.Com.  Syllabus

Course Content

M.Com.( part I )
Subject CodeSEM I CourseCreditsSubject CodeSEM II CourseCredits
5101Management Accounting45201Financial Analysis and Control4
5102Strategic Accounting45202 (A)Industrial Economics Or4
5202 (B)Business Statistics
5103AAdvance Accounting Paper I45203AAdvance Accounting Paper III4
5103BAdvance Cost Accounting Paper I5203BAdvance Cost Acconting Paper III
5103CBusiness Administration Paper I5203CBusiness Administration Paper III
5104AAdvance Accounting Paper I45201Advance Accounting Paper IV4
5104BAdvance Cost Accounting Paper II5204BAdvance Cost Accounting Paper IV
5104CBusiness Administration Paper II5204CBusiness Administration paper IV
Value AddedValue Added
5191Human Rights-I15291Human Rights-II1
5192Introduction to Cyber Security-I15292Introduction to Cyber Security-II1
Total Credits through Courses32
Skill Courses4
Total Credits in First Year36
M.Com.( part II )
Subject CodeSEM III CourseCreditsSubject CodeSEM IV CourseCredits
5301Business Finance45401Capital Market and Financial Services4
5302Research Methodology for Business45402(A)Industrial Economic Environment Or4
OrOperations Research
5303AAdvance Accounting Paper V45403AAdvance Accounting Paper VII4
5303BAdvance Cost Accounting Paper V5403BAdvance Cost Accounting Paper VII
5303CBusiness Administration Paper V5403CBusiness Administration Paper VII
5304AAdvance Accounting Paper VI45404A(Project Work) Advance Accounting Paper VIII4
5304BAdvance Cost Accounting Paper VI5404B(Project Work) Advance Cost Accounting Paper VIII
5304CBusiness Administration Paper VI5404C(Project Work) Business Administration Paper VIII
Value AddedValue Added
5391Skill Development25491Skill Development2
5392Introductio to Cyber Security-III15492Introduction to Cyber Security-IV1
A Course in Environmental Awareness1
Total Credits through First Year36
Total Credit through Courses32
Skill Courses6
Environment Course1
Total Credits in Second Year75