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A marketing fete was organized by the First Year BBA and BBM students in the sprawling BMCC premises. Kiosk entered its third year since its conception in2009. The idea behind the organization of this activity was to expose the students to the real marketing environment and balance classroom learning with practical training. It was marketing project assigned as partial fulfillment ofthe internal assessment.

The programme was Inaugurated by the Principal, Dr.C.N.Rawal inthe esteemed presence of the Vice Principal Dr.J.R.Lanjekar, Bharati Upadhye (InchargeBBA/BBM), Vinaya Hasamnis Incharge BCA) and the faculty members. Every year the students try to bring somenewness into the activity by adding a special touch to it. This time KIOSK had a dash of Indian Flavour to it.

Kiosk2012 voiced the concerns of artisans who do not get a fair price for theirtoil, labour and creativity. Incredible India,vibrant India which houses thousands of artisans - unnnoticed, unrecognized and unpaid for theamazing creativity, uniqueness and intricacy in their art forms. This concernwas the highlight of KIOSK 2012.

Kioskwas inaugurated by Principal Dr. C. N. Rawal along with a bevy of creativegirls and innovative boys. The event commenced with the lighting of thetraditional lamp and the cutting of the ribbon. The Principal inspired youngminds to think differently and leave an indelible impression on the society. Heemphasized on how the youth of today have a reservoir of potential which needsto be tapped. He along with the BBA/ BBM/ BCA in charge, reveled in all thestalls that the students had erected. “The Voice of an Artist” stall was inparticular appreciated by one and all. The proceeds of this stall were given to poor artisans and this eventalso enabled them to get a platform to sell their artefacts. The event was close to students’hearts as they were doing their bit for dying art forms to survive.

The vision of the Principal, theguidance of the co-ordinators andthe relentless support of the teachers and staff is truly commendable. Thestudents displayed amazing zeal and enthusiasm to make the event a success.

Kiosk2013 had a very sensitive theme that is “Save the Girl Child “.From time immemorial women have beendisregarded, derided and disrespected. Thousands of girls are disowned by theirparents; their crime is they have taken birth as girls. The creator of mankind,the giver of life has been abandoned or mercilessly killed.  But girls have risen from the ashes and madea mark in the society. There have been unsung heroines and protagonists whohave rebelled against the evils and orthodox traditions of society and broughtabout a paradigm shift in the thinking of people.Kiosk 2013was to throw light on this heart rending and heart aching issue and reaffirmand reassure the greatness of the women and their power. 

Theevent commenced with the inauguration by the Principal Dr. C. N. Rawalamidst the presence of esteemed professors and the office staff. The principalgave a very inspiring inaugural address and lauded the efforts put in by the FYBBA and BBM students. There was an element of newness and surprise in eachstall put up by the students. The sea of people that Kiosk draws each yearwitnessed entrepreneurs in the making. 

Kiosk entered its sixth year with a bang with a an empowering theme that is “ The Mango People” which means the Aam Aadmi or the Common Man. The theme emphasized on the fact that the power rests in the hands of the common people and they are the catalysts to bring about a change in society.  A change in the life of a single individual can bring about a change in the community, society and theworld at large.

Theevent was inaugurated by the Principal Dr. C. N. Rawal onthe January 28, 2014, in the esteemed presence of BMCC faculty and supportstaff. The dignitaries were greeted with a flash mob of TYBBA marketingstudents. The event got akick start with the freshness and vibrance ofyouth. Noted biker and stuntman Ajay Padval(SYBBA student) enthralled the crowd with his breathtaking stunts and daredevilry.

The principal and the staff took delight in visiting each stall and tasting the delicacies prepared by students. The campus bustled with activity as people were seen playing games, relishing mouthwatering cuisines and buying accessories.

BMCC welcomed the New Year with gaiety, glitterati and splendors with the campus brightening up with festivities, celebrations events.

  Jan 28, 2015witnessed entrepreneurs in the making as the college buzzed with students selling their wares and sharpening their marketing skills. KIOSK entered its seventh year and had an incredibly Indian theme “MAKE IN INDIA” which aimed at furthering and fortifying a cause.Earthen wave, khaats (cots), gola, sharbat, Kulfi-wala,Buttermilk, Royal Enfield Bikes, added to the essentially Indian flavors.

The event concerned with a flash mob of students, followed by the lighting of the traditional lamp by the principal and the staff followed by words of encouragement. The Principal landed the efforts of the students and urged them to broaden their horizons and widen their perspective.

KIOSK has always been with a purpose a sense of mission. The college had invited a group of mentally challenged adults from a city NGO “Nav kshitij”.These special people took delight in feasting in the stall and also performed as treet play.

Kiosk – the market place was resurrected again on 23rdDec. 2015 in the sprawling BMCC premises. For music, masti & food, Mirchi Masala of Bollywood, Dance Dhamaka of Tollywood, Sizzling style of Hollywood, KIOSK – with CINEMA as the theme was the place to be.
The mood was upbeat, spirits were soaring high as KIOSK sizzled to
the theme “CINEMA”.
A marketing assignment for FYBBA & FYBBA(IB) students took magnanimous formas KIOSK entered its 9
thyear. Students formed groups of 10 erected 22 stall of eateries, fun games,accessories etc. The foot tapping music to which the vibrant youth rocked, set the floor ablaze. The event evoked a massive response with the foot fall registering almost 1000.

Kiosk entered its tenth year, with the campus buzzing with activity as young entrepreneurs erected their skills and sold their ware.

We are living in an application world, where everything is available on a click of a button. The booth aligned to the theme and adorned the campus as the enthusiastic salesman sold their goods, service & ideas. There were in all 20 stalls with a participation of approximately 150 students.

The highlight of the fete was alive music stall with entertainment & games for everyone.

Another added attraction was the NGO U PAY team, which had got street children to enjoy the event. The children relished the sweets & savories & played games.

The student made profits, a part of which was donated to U PAY