Jan 18 2018

SY B.COM EXAM FORM NOTICE, March/Apr 2018 (Rev.2013 Pa)
Dr. G. K . Bengale, College Exam Officer

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SY B COM  EXAM FORM NOTICE, March/Apr 2018                                               (Rev.2013 Patt.)

                                                                                                               Date:  17/01/2018

Allstudents should note that,  As per SavitribaiPhule Pune University circular, all students should  fill the online forms only as per thefollowing procedure.

College PUNCODE : CAAP010080.

v EligibilityNo. is compulsory in Exam form for all students except Foreign/NRI students.

v There are3 option for students in Exam form i) Regular ii) Restructure & iii)Vocational. Students must  select Regularoption except Vocational students.

v S.Y.B.COMfresh students should select Existing option and fill online Exam form by usingEligibility Number, provide in FYBCOM marksheet. 

v Foreign/NRI students should select New option while filling Exam form because theydon’t have Eligibility No.

v Whenselecting Optional Subject students should tick on theory & practical alsoafter that click on Save & Next.

v All studentsshould check Subject List as per given below and select correct subject &Subject code while filling Exam form.   



Sub Code

1)    Business Communication


2)    Corporate Accounting


3)    Business Economics (Macro)


4)    Business Management


5)    Elements of Company Law


6)    Business Administration


Business Administration


7)    Banking & Finance


Banking & Finance


8)    Cost & Works Accounting


Cost & Works Accounting


9)    Business Statistics


Business Statistics


10) Business Entrepreneurship


Business Entrepreneurship


11) Marketing Management


Marketing Management


12) Vocational Tax Proced. & Practice III


13) Vocational Tax Proced. & Practice III


14)  A Course In Environmental Awareness












Link to EXAMINATION – Students Section - Examination Forms Online

As per Savitribai Phule Pune University circular there is no provisionfor the Super Late Fee after due date (Date of late fee) 

Studentshould check exam form & pay the fees in College office.   (11.00 am to 12.30 pm) as per followingschedule.

Class     (Venue : Tata Hall)




SYBCOM DIV. ABC (Without Backlog of  FY


10.30 am  to 12.30pm

Girls Students

SYBCOM DIV. DE (Without Backlog of  FY


10.30 am  to 12.30pm

Girls Students

SYBCOM DIV. ABC (Without Backlog of  FY


10.30 am  to 12.30pm

Boys  Students

SYBCOM DIV.DE (Without Backlog of  FY


10.30 am  to 12.30pm

Boys  Students

With Late Fees End Date



10.30 am  to 12.30pm


   ImportantNote :

1)      StudentAppearing for SY  B.Com should attach FYB.Com Xerox copy   of  the recent mark sheet.

2)      Takecare to fill form correctly .

    3)  Studentsshould write their names as mentioned on S.S.C and H.S.C statements or     

EquivalentExam Marks   statements.        

   4)      InternationalStudents should bring copy of Admission letter .   

(Applicant from South India or any students / Foreignstudents should write their names in a manner as it  appears  in   the final  Eligibility Certificate obtained from PuneUniversity. In any case, change in name will not be accepted after thedeclaration of the final result).   

Exam Form Online

Please read below instructionsbefore Applying for Exam forms

From Academic year, 2016-2017Savitribai Phule Pune University has introduced new system for Students as StudentProfile System. Every student who wish to apply for Exam form online needto be registered on this system

Featuresof Student Profile System (SPS)

  • This is one-time /permanent profile/account system for student
  • Once Registered student will be able to use same account (username-password) across multiple online applications of university through out his course. i.e. Student will be able to use this account from first year of course to degree
  • Valid Email Account and Valid Mobile number of student is must while registering for this profile. Email will be the username of system
  • No duplicate registration is allowed on same email id/mobile number
  • Only one account per PRN/Eligibility number is allowed

ImportantInstructions for  Student Profile System (SPS)

  • Before registering to account on this system you need to have following things with you

PUNCODE:  Unique 10 digit CodeAssigned to each college by university, which starts with C or I or R. Alsoknown as BCUD username.

EligibilityNo: Every student gets this number whenhis eligibility is done by college in eligibility online portal. This number ismust for creating account Please contact your college to get this number.
This number is not applicable to

For International Students thisnumber is not applicable

For students who completed his/herfirst year in external and now migrated to regular mode of course from secondyear

Students whose admission year forcourse is before 2010-2011

PRN: Permanent Registration Number – Thisnumber is allotted to a student when he/she first appears for university exam. This number is must for creating account. This number is printed onstudent's university mark sheet.

Based upon data in your profile your exam form will be made available to you,so please provide accurate information in profile.

  • Steps To Create Profile
    • Create Account
      • Use valid email id and Mobile number for account creation
    • Enroll for the Course

In Student Type option please selectproper option

New : Only for those students who havetaken admission for first year (or direct Second year in case ofEngineering) of course in the college and do not have previous record ofeligibility number or PRN for the course


This isApplicable for

For secondyear fresh students of arts, commerce, science UG courses whose FY exam isconducted by College. Eligibility number is must for these students

For those students who have eitherPRN OR eligibility number or both numbers.

After you enter eligibility, numberin specified text box system will verify with eligibility data and accordingmessage is displayed to you.  Please be remember if you do not giveeligibility number then in that case such result declaration might beaffected. 

After you enter PRN, number isspecified text box system will verify with PRN data and according message isdisplayed to you. If you get message PRN not FOUND please contact college
In addition, if a student does not give PRN number then he willbe considered as Fresh student and only first year/first semestersubjects will be displayed in exam form. 

Dual /CIS : This option is for those studentswho wish to apply for dual degree exam form/ Class improvement exam form

Fill Basic profile 

Based on Enroll for the courseinformation basic profile like name, mother name, gender, category, addresswill be displayed to you.

If you provide PRN number, data ofname and mother name will be fetched from PRN history Data.

If you provide  onlyeligibility number,  data of name and mother name will be fetched fromeligibility Data.

Students who selected NEW in studenttype need to fill all information by himself.

After you complete profile, click onexam form link provided in left side menu. you'll be directed to exam formonline system  


Dr.G. K . Bengale                                                                                                                               College Exam Officer

Downloads :
Virasat : Conversation with Shri. Rahul Deshpande (.pdf).