It gives me immense pleasure to announce that our College BMCC is on the threshold of completing it’s 80 years of existence. Since establishment, it has produced lakhs of experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, Managers, Bankers, Economists, Social workers, etc. with the help of their devoted teachers.



The meritorious students from other districts, states and even other countries get attracted to take admission in this premier Commerce Institute due to its rich legacy, excellence in business education, heritage buildings, spacious classrooms, healthier environment, beautiful natural surroundings at the bottom of the Fergusson Hill. The crowd on the campus is always happy, energetic and outstanding. Our students have always been showing excellence in academics, sports, cultural activities, arts, etc. It increases the honour of our college.



We, the teachers at BMCC strive hard to achieve the all round development of our students. Besides academic excellence, the soft skills and life skills are crucial in the personality development of the students. We try to produce better leaders, organizers, entrepreneurs, and innovators through formal as well as informal education. The holistic development of the students leads to higher productivity, business opportunities, employment and ultimately the economic growth of our nation.



While achieving the excellence, the weightage is given to the fundamental and core values mentioned in the Mission Statement of the College. There is a Team-Spirit among the Management, Teachers, and the students. Management is the Change-Maker, and the teachers are the facilitators to shape the students globally competent citizens of future India. We all try to make our college as the Center of Character-Building and the Nation-Building activities.

Social and Environmental awareness is the need of the hour. The education, in any form, should strengthen the capacity and capabilities of the students for their inner and outer growth which would transform them into the successful performers. The true teacher ignites the Atmabal, the spirit and transforms the mindset of the students. BMCC is the platform for the development of the inquisitive students through collective collaboration.



Hands on experience is more important than the bookish knowledge, similarly the spirituality, morality and ethics are as important as the subject-knowledge of the students. The management and the teachers in BMCC aspire to acquire excellence through introducing new areas of business and management education as well as providing support facilities to our students.

Prof. Dr. Jagdeesh Lanjekar
Offi. Principal, BMCC

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