Troika is the annual intercollegiate festival of Brihan Maharashtra
College of Commerce. Every year students of the college
organize events of diverse categories for students of their college
and others. Troika 2023 had 18 events across the Literature,
Entertainment, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Sports and Biz n Tech
category. This edition was the 13th edition of Troika based on the
theme “Realms of Existence: Aqua|Ignis|Terra”. The theme
conveys the importance of the three elements for existence on
earth. Through its theme, Troika aims at achieving sustainability in
respect of these elements of nature.


Troika 2023 was definitely the much awaited full-scale comeback.
With a team of 300+ organizers and 16 members of the faculty,
Troika successfully carried out its events offline. All events took
place on the campus on the 30th, 31st of January and 1st of
February 2023. While preparing for the main days, the organizers
also participated in the Public relation Activities and Social
Activities which have been a tradition of Troika since the very


In PR activities, organizers formed groups and traveled to various
colleges to promote Troika. The organizers also practiced for
dance,skit, carols and parades and also organized games for our
Christmas PR which is one of the highlights of Troika every year.
This year, the Christmas PR was held at The Pavillion Mall, SB
road where our organizers showcased various performances with
a christmas theme in mind. Some organizers also dressed up as
Santa and distributed chocolates to the children in the mall.


The Social Activity was organized on the main event days in
association with SevaDeep. The organizers invited 15+ specially
abled students from SevaDeep for a feast on campus after which
they enjoyed the various performances that were displayed by the
invited artists. The children were accompanied by the organizers
and enjoyed their time with Troika. As a gift from Troika, the
organizers distributed chocolates and stationery to the children.


Coming to the main days of Troika 2023, the campus welcomed
3000+ participants from 80+ colleges. The festival was
inaugurated by our Principal, Dr J.R. Lanjekar sir and our Vice
Principal and Incharge(BBA), Mrs Bharati Upadhye ma’am,
following which, the events had commenced. The campus
witnessed food, clothes and promotion stalls on all the three days
with a footfall of 15000+ people. The crowd enjoyed various
music, art and dance performances by different artists invited by
Troika. The crowd also took part in games such as tug of war
organized by Troika organizers.


The event was thus a huge success. The organizers, even with
little experience in a completely offline Troika, achieved great
heights in their overall performance and dedication towards the


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