This report aims to provide an overview of EMERGE 2022-23, an event organized by the SY BBA(CA) students for the FY's in BMCC College. The event was organized for 2 days on 23rd August and 24th of August, and had a total participation of 250+ participants. The report covers the event's objective, organizing committee, events held, participant's response, and the financial aspect.



EMERGE 2022-23 aimed to provide a platform for the FY's to showcase their skills and talents through various events. The event aimed to promote teamwork, creativity, and innovation among the participants.


Organizing Committee:

The event was organized by the SY BBA(CA) students, with a core team of 12 students. The organizing team comprised of 54 members who worked tirelessly to make the event a success.


Events held:

EMERGE 2022-23 had five events, including IPL Auction, Treasure Hunt, Debate, Beg Borrow Steal, and Best Worst Pitch. All the events were designed to challenge the participants' skills and test their creativity. The IPL Auction was an exciting and thrilling event where the participants had to make a team with the most credit. The Treasure Hunt required participants to pass several tasks to find the treasure. The Best Worst Pitch was a unique event where participants had to present their worst idea to the judges. The Debate was another exciting event where participants debated on a given topic, and the judges picked the best debaters. The Beg Borrow Steal event required participants to beg or borrow items from others and submit all the items on the list to win the event.


Participant's Response:

The participants were excited and enthusiastic about the event. The total participation for this event was 250+, which indicated that the event was successful in attracting the participants. The participants showed great teamwork, creativity, and innovation during the events.


Financial Aspect:

The event was organized in a very minimal amount, and the entire amount was provided by the college. The organizers printed t-shirts for themselves with the logo of the Emerge on it by their own money. There was no registration fee for the participants. Respected Vinaya Hasamnis Ma’am, Head of Department (BBA-CA), provided great support in organising the event.


Overall, EMERGE 2022-23 was a successful event that achieved its objective.