BBA CA Course Structure Revised 2022˙
From 2022-23
4101Business Communications & Soft skills34201Principles of Management and Human Resources3
4102Business Accounting34202Business Statistics˙3
4103Business Mathematics34203Web Technology (HTML,JS ,CSS)2
4104Database Management System34204Relational Database Management System3
4105Introduction to Python˙34205Data Structures Using C4
4106Lab Course (Using 4104 ,4105 )44206Lab Course (4203+4204+4205))4
4107Add on C Programming14207Add on MS Office˙4
Physical Education4
Total Credits of FY-SEM I20Total Credits of FY-SEM II20
Autonomous Structure of B.B.A-CA Course Revised 2017
CodeSEM I CourseCreditsCodeSEM II CourseCredits
4101Computer Fundamentals44201Introduction to Cost Accounting3
4102Business Accounting and Tally44202Business Mathematics3
4103Business Statistics34203Software Engineering4
4104Database Management System44204Relational Database Management System4
4105“C” Programmning44205Data Structures Using “C”4
4106Lab Course(Using “C” Programming and DBMS)44206Lab Course(RDBMS+Data Structures)4
Total Credits23Total Credits22
CodeSEM III CourseCreditsCodeSEM IV CourseCredits
4301Principles of Mgt and HR34401Webpage Designing2
4302Operating System44402Software Testing3
4303Object Oriented Programming Using C++44403Core JAVA4
4304Object Oriented Software Engineering34404Web Technology-24
4305Web Technology-124405Project Using SE and OOSE3
4306Lab Course(CPP)and WT-144406Lab Course on 4403 and 44044
Total Credits201407Environment Awareness1*
Total Credits20
CodeSEM V CourseCreditsCodeSEM VI CourseCredits
4501Business Communication and Soft Skills34601Cyber Security2
4502Networking34602E-Commerce and M-Commerce2
4503Advance Java44603Workshop on Recent Trends in IT (Python and Cloud Computing)3
4504ASP.NET44604Linux and Unix Operating System4
4506Lab Course for 4503 and 4504 (Practical)44606Lab course on 4603 and 46044
Total Credits22Total Credits19