Basic French - Credits : 4


  1. Vocabulary: Active: 3,000 words plus passive:2,000 words
  2. Grammar:
    1. Sentence structure
    2. Parts of Speech: Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Nouns and their typology, Adjectives and their typology, Adverbs and their typology, Verbs, Pronouns
    3. Question/negation formation
    4. Tenses: Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past, Future
    5. Language specific constructions unique to that language
    6. Comparison of adjectives/adverbs
    7. Imperatives
    8. Core exclamation patterns unique to that language
    9. Introduction to compound/complex sentence structures
    10. Possessives, demonstratives
    11. Cases: Nominative, accusative/dative, genitives
  3. Situations: A few are indicated here:
    1. Describing people/places/processes
    2. Talking about family/relationships/qualities of people
    3. Shopping
    4. Eating in restaurants
  4. Communicative strategies: A few are indicated here:
    1. Introducing self/others
    2. Requesting
    3. Apologising/accepting apologies
    4. Indicating preferences, likes/dislike
  5. Writing: A few are indicated here:
    1. Informal letters
    2. Basic Dialogues
    3. Preparing personal documents: C.V., Passport, Visiting card
  6. Language specific orthography and punctuation rules
  7. Introduction to Phonetics Many language specific activities are conducted to hone students’ LSRW skills.
  8. Introduction to the Culture and History of the concerned country