Tableau (Business Reporting) Credits :2


Tableau (Business Reporting)

Ø Tableau Basics


·      Introduction to Tableau

·      Installation Of Tableau


Ø Basics


·         Introduction to Tableau Architecture

·         Introduction to Tableau Interface


Ø Data Management


·      Connecting Excel Sheets

·      Data Preparation with Excel, Text  & CSV files

·      Cross Data Join

·      Data Blending


Ø Data Visualization


·     Advanced Visualization Techniques

·     Visualization using Maps

·     Using Pareto Charts

·      Using Waterfall Charts


Ø Data Visualization


·     Sorting Data

·     Creating Groups

·     Creating Sets

·     Working with sets

Ø  Data preparation


·      Pivoting your data

·      Splitting Your data

·      Joins and Unions


Ø Using Parameters


·      How to create parameter?

·     Use parameter to change fields

Ø  Tableau Calculations & Understanding of LOD(level of details)



Ø Filtering Concepts


·      Filtering & Formatting

·     Advanced Filtering techniques

Ø  Analytics


·      Adding Trend Lines

·     Adding Reference Lines

Ø Charts Preparation


·     Understanding of Logic Charts

·     use of Show me Tool Bar

Ø  Dashboard Formatting


·     Combining Sheets on Dashboard

·     Interactivity to dashboards

·     Creating Stories

·     Formatting Story points