Business Ethics - Credits : 2

Ethics has become abuzz word in the corporate world. The reason for this is the globalization and the explosion in the communication in the organization. As a result, the businesses are focusing more on the ethics part. Business Ethics refer to a code of conduct that the businesses are expected to follow while doing a business.

Objectives of Course:

  • Explain the concept of business ethics
  • Explain how ethics relates to the business and the individual
  • Define “corporate code of ethics”
  • Explain the role of managers in setting standards for ethical behaviour
Sr. No. Topic
1 Business Ethics : An Overview
2 Concepts and Theories of Business Ethics
3 Ethics of Consumer Protection
4 Environmental Ethics
5 Marketing Ethics
6 Ethical issues in Human Resource Management
7 Corporate Ethics: Investors Rights, Privileges, Problems and Protection
8 Corporate Social Responsibility
9 Ethical Decision Making in Business
10 Globalization and Business Ethics 
11 Workshop on Business Ethics

Teaching Methodology:

  • Case Study
  • Role play
  • Presentations