SKC 028 Mandala Art

No. of Credits :1
Fees: 1000/-
Coordinator: Dr. Rajeshree Gokhale and  Neetika Sharma

Humans are Use to and are made for movement but in today’s world all we have to do is sit inside and we are all frustrated and our state of mind is getting angry and agitated, creating depression and anxiety

To achieve stillness in this state of agitation we have to have inward growth, this can be achieved through Art or Spirituality …

Mandala is an Ancient Art form that is best of both Art and Spirituality..

MANDALA – Mandala itself means circle which also means Your Sacred Circle and it tells your story from the form and structure made by you.


Doing this Art form Reduces Anxiety, Tension and Stress; drawing stimulates creativity and is a way to release Emotional Blockages and help Achieve Balance

It also helps in development of good Motor Skills,

It also helps in concentration and cut off from the world creating your own world.


Brief history of Mandala art

The Basic Shapes and structures of Mandala form

How to draw different types of Full mandala

Also how to release Stress and anxiety through Art

MANDALA helps to Improve Concentration , Motor Skills and Also Helps Release Stress and Anxiety..!

Mandalas have been shown in clinical studies to boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep and ease depression.